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offers a strategic opportunity for investment and serves as a distribution platform for Central America and the U.S.


Located in the very heart of the Americas, Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Our strategic location gives us direct access to multiple global markets and allows us to be a critical air and maritime transportation nexus for international business.

Distance to the airports and seaports:

Ramon Villeda Morales Airport

1 hour  / 48 kms  / 30 miles

Puerto Cortes Seaport

1 hour 40 min   / 92 kms  / 57 miles

Flight to main airports in the U.S.

2 hours and 50 minutes.

Easy accessibility to regional and international markets.


For prospective investors seeking to establish a manufacturing base in Honduras, three factors related to human resources play a key role in their decision:

  • productivity.
  • availability.
  • competitiveness.

With the support of companies such as Green Valley Industrial Park, the Honduran government has implemented specialized programs designed to train a potent bilingual workforce skilled in industries such as medical device and automotive component manufacturing, light assembly, food and agribusiness, and textiles and apparel.

As a result, our people have proven to be more productive than those of neighboring countries, including the U.S.: for example, in automotive component manufacturing, we can claim 40% higher productivity compared to North America). This gives Honduras a key competitive advantage that any international company performing due diligence for an overseas manufacturing base should consider.


Port: Puerto Cortés is the only deepwater port in Central America, and the only port in Latin America that qualifies for both U.S. government port security initiatives: the CSI and Megaports initiative. As one of the region’s largest and best equipped sea ports,

Puerto Cortés offers competitive shipping costs to the U.S.
Highways: Thanks to a public-private partnership, our road infrastructure is scheduled to be upgraded with a 106-km, four-lane highway connecting San Pedro Sula to Naco, Cortes.


Under the National Investment Promotion Program, Honduras has implemented a new legal and institutional framework to attract and protect foreign and domestic investments. Government agencies have strengthened the enforcement of laws and regulations, increasing the rate of compliance, and improved the processes and requirements that protect domestic as well as foreign investments

You can start your operations in our ready to occupy facilities or get
a Built to Suit project in one of our land reserves.