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Honduras prime location and key transportation advantages

Located in the very heart of the Americas, Honduras borders the Caribbean Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Our strategic location gives us direct access to many global markets and allows us to be a critical air and maritime transportation nexus for international businesses.

Honduras is 48 hrs away front the United States by maritime transportation and at a 2.5 hrs flight to most

Green Valley is located in the industrial corridor of the Naco Valley in Santa Barbara. 60 minutes away from Puerto Cortes and 45 minutes away from the main airport in San Pedro Sula.

PUERTO CORTES is the most efficient port of Central America and Certified as the Third Megaport in Latin America after Brazil and Argentina. The port is the center of transportation and commerce in Honduras and It handles 85% of the cargo that is sent to Honduras, 10% to El Salvador and 5% to Nicaragua.

Currently, Puerto Cortes provides the following advantages:

  • 24 hours service   (7/24/365 All the time)
  • 48-72 hours by sea to the East Coast USA
  • US Customs and Border Protection (CSI: Container Security Initiative)

Major international airports in Honduras

There are 4 international airports in the cities of Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, and Roatán and two being developed and currently under construction: Ruinas de Copán and Palmerola.

In San Pedro Sula, the industrial capital of Honduras is located International Airport, “Ramón Villeda Morales”.  Flights arrivals include departures from the United States, México, Central America, The Caribbean, South America, and recently a direct flight from Madrid, Spain.

Top Airlines traveling to and from Honduras:

  • American Airlines, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, AVIANCA, Delta Air Lines, Spirit Airlines, Aeromexico, Tropic Air
  • Cargo Airlines:  UPS, DHL, Amerijet, FedEx

Green Valley Industrial Park, a key competitive partner that any international company looking for an overseas manufacturing base should consider.